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The Assumptions That We Make

Recently, I've been having some trouble with ordering breakfast here at work. Nothing spectacularly terrible, but just enough that it gives you the feeling of a splinter under your nail. It's something akin to that feeling of an itch just out of reach, taunting you with it's inaccessibility and then

A new beginning?

Over the years, roughly since 2004, I've told myself that I will write more. I always start it with the best of intentions and end up churning out something once or twice a year.

At first I thought I would utilize this blog to give tech updates and advice to

I've Been Hacked. What Now?

Lately it seems like anywhere you go, either their database is being stolen or a group of hackers is dumping aggregated data on the net.

Some of you may be wondering, what you should do if you believe your password / account has been compromised.

Most people start with blaming the

The Perfect Burrito

A long while back I saw a blog post about the way most burritos are made. I felt this persons pain, their frustrations, all too well. I understood where they were coming from, that yearning for a good burrito. The kind you'd imagine if you were hispanic that your Abuela

How it all began

Getting Ghost running was not an easy task for me. Not so much because it's difficult to get going, more so because I had no experience with the devices utilized to get it going.

To begin with, Ghost utlizes node.js, which is something I'm still trying to get a

In the beginning

For a while now I have been toying around with the idea of starting a blog. Some type of forum where I had the ability to express my thoughts and and share ideas with others. Over the years I've played with quite a few platforms. I've used, journalspace.

  • Grrrr Arrrrggg
  • Awwwwww hell no. I'm not eating any stale #cereal. #Ancient #Grains... Where did they find them? 
How ancient is ancient? 
Is it even safe to eat after all this time? #Suspect how much do they have? 
Is there enough to provide it for years? What if they disturbed somethings slumber getting it? 
Was it an #archeologist who found it?

Was it some entry level employee that happened to go for a walk one day near an abandoned mine shaft and due to freak weather conditions and poor lighting they slipped and slid down a slope that gave away and landed the employee hundreds of feet below on a huge cache of grains? 
Did they carbon date the grains? 
Who would want to eat the grains that some sweaty person just fell hundreds of feet into? 
What if they pooped themselves on the way down? What if they peed them selves? What if they did both? 
How long were they down there for? 
What region of the world is it from? 
I don't know if I can trust these grains. What if it's some ancient being that needs our life force to fully awaken and regain their full power and they way they go about it is by having us eat a small part of them or something long ago enchanted by them so they can steal our life force and so every spoon full is one step closer to that person's demise and one step closer to the end of humanity?

Just a few #thoughts #saveyourselves
  • Spending the night in as we bring in year 29 for the #Birthday girl, @wawaali
  • There are so few instances in life where you don't want to see something strip, one of those is a screw. #screwedup
  • Cleaning out the basement when I came across my digital toolkit from back in the day. #slackware #Windows #Symantec and not featured all my #Hacking stuff. Now it can all fit on a thumb stick.
  • I think there's something up there. I can almost feel it. #PickingMyBrain #FindingTheSolution
  • #babyarwaamirhail
  • Catching the sunrise with @wawaali on our way home from #nickandmun's wedding
  • Why exactly is the notice also written upside down? In what situation should I need to be able to read this while upside down that should not cause me and the other passengers concern? #ThingsNotToThinkAboutBeforeFlying
  • Just some of @wawaali handiwork. #nickandmun  #italy
  • #nickandmun #rainbow #italy
  • While I'll never get tired of authentic pasta I can never say no to my boy Micky D. #McDonalds #Italy
  • #nickandmun #bachelor and #bachelorette parties.
  • Roaming #Rome with this beautiful lady.
  • Distracting the wifey while she creates an itinerary. #HusbandlyDuties
  • On our way to #nickandmun wedding #Italy here we come.
  • Worst Mani Pedi I have ever gotten. It was a rushed job, terribly done, and I was openly mocked. I would trust a fiending crack head going through a cold turkey quit suffering from withdrawal using nothing more than 200 grit sand paper and a rusty pair of wire cutters to perform a higher quality job with a much more welcoming attitude.
  • Wearing my big boy clothes.
  • They call me the bicorn.
  • What does this say? Mackdis, maokdis, makois, macydis, maoydis, madydis, maddis... What do you guys think? #tagging #stalls
  • #NyQuil #ChickenNoodleSoup must feel better by morning.
  • Picture with the sis✨
  • Say whaaaat?
  • I always wonder if these poles are stored in a vault which only brings on more thoughts. Such as, if they are stored in a vault does that vault earn the name pole vault and if it's a pole vault would the person who stocks and maintains the vault be called a pole vaulter? #showerthoughs not in the shower.
  • Bae be like hey!!!
  • #TBT
  • Spread the knowledge. #malalayousafzai
  • You spin me right round. #topsyturvy
  • Thanks @fitnezzfreak for the awesome going away gift. It works so well I'm burning my mouth over an hour later. #rook @rookcoffee
  • I'm drinking it!!! #caffeine
  • vs what exactly? Born Unfree Bottle? All bottles should be free. #LetMyBottlesGooo long lines give me lots of time.




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Sohail Ali, MBA
I am US based Systems Administrator, Information Security Professional and Backend Web Designer creating effective IT solutions for individuals and companies of all size around the local area. As an IT professional, I am a problem solver at heart and strive to deliver the most effective solution at the highest of standards.

I have worked with various business groups in assisting with technical analysis, recommendation, and detailed evaluation on various projects. As well, I have worked with many vendors in performing installations and troubleshooting software packages.

My current assignment is working as part of a system team that manages and administers various systems at CommVault Systems Inc. I am also involved in working on Solaris, AIX, and various Linux system builds. Some of my other duties include working in managing NetApp Storage, and production level backup of the companies build, development and production environment. Over the years I have installed and configured various Oracle/SUN hardware within my corporate experience.

Along with my daily duties, I have private business experience in implementing and overseeing network, computer, and cyber security for small businesses. As well, I have Successfully carried out analysis to secure and monitor security vulnerabilities which has decreased corporate risk and secured client and corporate data. I possess strong public speaking skills and strong report and technical writing skills for presentations, training and educational purposes.

My Skill
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Keller Graduate School of Management

Aug 2010 - Dec 2012

Studying all aspect of business management with a focus in Information Security.

DeVry University

July 2006 - Dec 2008

Studying all aspect of Network Communication Management with a focus in Network Engineering.



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