The follies of man

Posted: 30th October 2013 by sohail in blog, rambles, technology

Yesterday I decided to implement https on my site, it’s a slow road and I’m still learning how to do it. I realized a little too late that creating one for and one for would be foolish and it would be wiser to just create a wildcard one for * I need to […]

a shovel for the past

Posted: 10th August 2012 by sohail in blog, technology
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I don’t blog nearly as much as I should. I have a lot to say and I have multiple outlets to utilize to say it, yet I find myself very rarely writing. Part of it is my mistake, I decided to turn this into a technology blog. I do a lot of technology based things […]

It comes as both a surprise and no surprise at all that AIM all but bit the bullet. Apparently they are down to simply support staff in the AIM department over at AOL. I’m not sure how I would have managed high school without AIM. To me, it was the social network before the social […]

Troubleshooting VBScript

Posted: 26th January 2012 by sohail in technology
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Yesterday, I attempted to troubleshoot an issue at work involving some of our software. I attempted all the logical steps I knew to try and then I passed off the problem to the developers. I figured in a few hours, they would come back to me with a resolution. Unfortunately that was not the case, […]

Technology at it’s finest.

Posted: 30th May 2011 by sohail in technology
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Friday marked a new period in my life. What might you ask was this period, it was me going back to apples iOS as my primary phone. Some may be screaming “Whhyyyyyyy” others may be wondering in less melodramatic ways what caused this change, and the answer is; A few things. To start with, I […]